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You have a business to run, you just started, you are experienced or not! Many questions have to be answered before taking any actions. OK, you’re right, but what is the next step?

This is really in this part that we can help you, whatever the size of your company or even if you are alone as a simple agent.

Our Advertising campaigns are very flexibles and cost-effective. Choose the right package and time on your own which suits your needs.

Direct Targeting Marketing Packages

Receive today:

  • 5 potentials customers,¬†3 days packages (more info…)
  • 10 potentials customers, 5 days packages (more info…)
  • 100 potentials customers, 1-week¬†packages (more info…)
  • 100 potentials customers every week, 1-month packages (more info…)



Never lose your time, efforts, and control. Stay focus on your sales and your Business management, we will do the big work for you.


Direct Targeting Marketing

With our Direct Targeting Marketing system (DTM), the resultant will be Win-Win. Don’t waste your time, subscribe to one of our DTM Package, today! You’ll be in touch directly to your potential customer within one to two business days.